900 Biscayne Bay 3 Bedroom (06 Line) – Video

By Samir Patel on July 27th, 2009

As part of our series of videos showcasing the better floorplans throughout the area here is a video showing the 3 bedroom standard floorplan at 900 Biscayne Bay. As most of you know 900 Biscayne Bay is my favorite Downtown Miami Condo besides EPIC. But The views at 900 Biscayne Bay are in my opinion far more superior than the views from EPIC. One of my favorite features of this floorplan at 900 Biscayne Bay is the private elevator access. Your private elevator opens up to your private foyer which is great exterior space to the unit. This space is great for hanging artwork or showcasing sculptures.

Anyway here is the video:

(Please note this video was uploaded in HD. A fast internet connection is required for playback. Please wait for the entire video to load and click replay if having problems.)

If you are interested in viewing one of these units in person please contact me at 305-503-6183 – Samir Patel – Licensed Real Estate Broker of Miami Condo Realty, Inc.

10 thoughts on “900 Biscayne Bay 3 Bedroom (06 Line) – Video

  1. MCO

    Hey Samir,

    Another great job.
    The view is really spectacular, but how do you compare 900 to marquis?

  2. Samir from MiamiCondoRealty.com

    MCO – I did read that early in the morning. When I checked recorded deeds at ICON I saw only about 38 of them recorded. From what I know the developer was focused on closing units in Tower 1. I don’t expect them to open Tower 2 anytime in the near future. I do know that they began renting out units shortly after the building opened and probably more of the units are rented than actually closed. Part of the reason for the slow closing rate is I believe a high percentage of Tower 1 was actually sold under contracts (maybe 100%) for so high prices in pre-construction ($500+ /psf). Prices here have dropped and I hear they are actually in a position where the construction lender is accepting or rejecting the offers that come in. So I would say it should be possible to purchase here anywhere from $300-$550 per sq ft at the moment depending on which floor and model unit you purchase. I’m sure there are many people interested in purchasing here especially at the new prices but the closings are slow because original contract holders have to officially be defaulted and original contracts cancelled (which could take time due to individual litigation between contract holders and the developer) before they can be remarketed for sale to buyers who are actually buying to live in them today at today’s prices.

  3. MCO

    Thnak sfor you r expert’s comments.
    seems to me that they will keep lowering prices.
    when i visited the building in june, they had already dropped the price and i have been told that since them some units have dropped an additional 30%!
    sorry to go back to the same topic..i know 900 is your favorite..but how do you compare it to marquis?
    i love the pics you took at Marquis..just not a very big fan of this modern concept of having a shower in the middle of the bedroom with no privacy at all.
    thanks again

  4. Samir from MiamiCondoRealty.com

    MCO – It is hard to compare 900 Biscayne to Marquis. They are both very nice but also totally different styles. I have a sweet spot for 900 Biscayne Bay. I think the developer did a great job there creating a building which gave the living in a hotel experience without the hotel. Marquis was nice as well. I like some of their floorplans – they are huge. Also the views are incredible since some of the units have double ceilings. But altogether it is for a different style of person. I think Marquis is more suited to the type of buyer who likes Ten Museum because of the loft floorplans. It’s like comparing a Lamborghini to a Ferrari. I would take either. 😉 For the time being I would say 900 Biscayne Bay is the winner. Partly because it is well established. Let’s see how the Marquis comes together in the next few months and I’ll let you know if my opinion changes.

  5. MCO

    Thanks again Samir
    Havent seen it inperson, but your pictures are absolutely stunning..I guess that is waht appealed to me the most.
    I love the finishings..but lets see how it does.
    waiting for a fine video tour..if you could do one like the one you shot for icon brickell, that would be great…thanks

  6. MCO

    Hey samir

    another quickie..whats with this new trend of condo/hotel combo? how do you think this may impact sales? that just crossed my mind when you talked about 900.
    If I am not mistaken, EPIC has more units for guests than for real-time residents..
    i wonder if that will not impact HOAs, since residents will have to pay to maintain a huge structure to keep up with occasional guests.
    lots to consider…

  7. Samir from MiamiCondoRealty.com

    900 Biscayne is not condo hotel. Marquis is also not condo hotel. However in Marquis exists a hotel element. It is 56 rooms I believe. I don’t expect a huge impact on the HOA fees. After all there are 306 condominium residences which have access to all of the amenities that the hotel has access to. So the pool and all has to be cleaned every day, etc. But the condominium owners would require that anyway. This is a boutique hotel. If it was like 300 hotel units and a cheap hotel not an expensive one I would say there would be a huge tax on the common areas but that won’t be the case here.

    At the EPIC there is a large amount of hotel units. I am not sure how their management structure and common element management breaks down. It is a very nice property so I expect everything would have to be maintained at a very high level. But I suspect there is a management fee the hotel pays to maintain the common areas. After all the condominium association would eventually be in the hands of the condominium owners. If fees were out of control and they were subsidizing the hotel too much the residents could always take action and cut of the services or restructure the budgets.

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