Marina Blue 08 Line – Video

By Samir Patel on July 26th, 2009

One of the things I wanted to do on this blog is showcase some of the best properties around South Florida. Also in particular the best floorplans, or premium floorplans in the prominent buildings in the area. Below you will see a video I shot in the past of the “08-Line” of Marina Blue. Marina Blue is of course in Downtown Miami and the “08-Line” is the most desirable of the standard floorplans in Marina Blue. One of the reasons this floorplan stands out is that it has a huge wall of glass in the living room which gives you the effect of hovering over the city. This is unlike any other floorplan in the area. Both bedrooms also have great views.

Anyway here is the video:

(Please note this video was uploaded in HD. A fast internet connection is required for playback. Please wait for the entire video to load and click replay if having problems.)

4 thoughts on “Marina Blue 08 Line – Video

  1. MCO

    Grear video, Samir!
    Very nice unit, but the 08 line seems a little overpriced considering MiamiĀ“s market nowadays.
    One thing that stirkes me though is that the finishings seem to be very poor for a building that claims to be a luxury condo. Definetely not in the same league as icon, marquis or epic.
    Congrats on your excellent job !!!

  2. Samir from

    Thanks MCO.
    Yes the 08 line is a great unit. It is on the pricey end though it is small compared to some units like in 900 Biscayne Bay and other buildings. But I guess it is a great vacation condo for those who must have an incredible view if they are buying in Miami. No the finishing does not compare to the other projects.

  3. MCO

    Still waiting for prices to come down and there is no way they will not..
    icon brickell has had major reductions and will keep falling.
    when marquis and paramount bay go into the market with all the other empty buildings, there is no way they will be able to hold on to these prices..2 bd in paramount for over 1M?
    Can u give me your input on that?
    Havent seen Marquis inside yet, but loved your pics..seemreally nice.
    hope to see some video soon.

  4. Samir from

    While I don’t expect them to hold on to pre-construction pricing it will be interesting to see where the prices do actually end up. The problem at ICON is simply the mass amount of units built there. At least Marquis and Paramount Bay were sub-400 unit buildings. Now a 2 bedroom over $1M – There we agree. I will get that video of Marquis up soon. I had a late showing today at 900 Biscayne and I noticed they turned on the lights at Marquis. They have an interesting light effect that runs along the top and north side of the building. Hope to get a photo of that soon as well.

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