Ten Museum Park Video Tour – Line 01 Corner Unit

By Samir Patel on December 28th, 2008

Many months ago, when Ten Museum Park opened up in Downtown Miami, I went over to shoot some video clips of a few of the units. I made sure to shoot video of the “01 line” which is the South East corner unit. This line was the preferred line during the pre-construction sales period and has since remained the preferred line besides the penthouses. Soon the spa at Ten Museum Park will open, and I expect renewed interest in this building and in this line therefore I have taken the time recently to go through my archives and edit and put this video online. The East facing units at Ten Museum Park are among the most unique condominium units available on the market. Each unit is in excess of 1900 square feet and have 20-foot floor-to-ceiling windows.

Anyway here is the video:
(Please note this video was uploaded in HD. A fast internet connection is required for playback. Please wait for the entire video to load and click replay if having problems.)